PhD Studentship in Inelastic and Reactive Scattering Dynamics of NO and OH

PhD Studentship in Inelastic and Reactive Scattering Dynamics of NO and OH

Supervisor: Prof Matt Costen

Application deadline: Open until filled

University: Heriot-Watt University

About the Project

The NO and OH radicals are important in a wide range of environments, including planetary atmospheres, combustion and technological plasmas. You will use state-of-the-art crossed molecular beam scattering methods, with velocity-map ion-imaging detection, to probe the dynamics of the inelastic and reactive scattering of NO and OH in unprecedented detail. In collaboration with theoreticians, you will determine the specific scattering mechanisms involved, and hence the underlying potential energy surfaces describing the molecular interactions. This work is part of a large collaboration funded through a major joint EPSRC Programme Grant with University of Oxford, involving regular interactions and the opportunity for exchange visits.

How to Apply

1. Important Information before you Apply

When applying through the Heriot-Watt on-line system please ensure you provide the following information:

(a) in ‘Study Option’
You will need to select ‘Edinburgh’ and ‘Postgraduate Research’. ‘Programme’ presents you with a drop-down menu. Choose Chemistry PhD, Physics PhD, Chemical Engineering PhD, Mechanical Engineering PhD, Bio-science & Bio-Engineering PhD or Electrical PhD as appropriate and select September 2021 for study option (this can be updated at a later date if required)

(b) in ‘Research Project Information’
You will be provided with a free text box for details of your research project. Enter Title and Reference number [ICSMLC121] of the project for which you are applying and also enter the potential supervisor’s name.

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Please note that once you have submitted your application, it will not be considered until you have uploaded your CV and transcripts.

2. Applications

Applications must be made through the Heriot-Watt on-line application system,

3. Closing Date

Open until filled. All successful candidates will usually be expected to commence their studies in September/October 2021.